Monday, 14 June 2010

... and after that [originally posted 14 Jun 2010]

Only when I've actually put the light off do I remember the other thing I wanted to write about.
I'm still getting panic attacks. Not as hard and not as often as before, but they're still there.

My hangover from last night just wouldn't shift, today. And as usually happens with this situation, I felt the familiar heavy heart beats and tension inside that goes with my body's reaction. I managed to get to the pub for last orders after discovering that there was no beer left in our fridge. A pint of cider later followed by a walk home through the ran and I was pretty much fixed again.

I met someone recently who started getting them for almost the same reason, except it was some kind of speed in his case, rather than acid in mine. He was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and takes valium with him most places. Scary.


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