Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ear candy

I've been listening to a few good albums lately:

Zola Jesus - "Taiga"  (UK) (US)

First heard Zola Jesus support Fever Ray at Brixton Academy a few years ago. Couldn't make my mind up at the time, but I heard the track "Go (Blank Sea)" a couple of weeks ago and figured I'd take the album for a spin. It can be a little overpowering at times, but there are a few tracks which make my hair stand on end.

Integral - "Sercosa" (UK) (US)

I think I discovered Integral on one of the smaller labels I was looking at getting some Dirty Fire Project tracks published via quite a few years ago. Intelligently put together minimalistic IDM. Very atmospheric and really good headphone material.

Imogen Heap - "Sparks" (UK) (US)

Cannot express just how awesome this album is :) Imogen's album is a beautiful collection of sounds, vocals and lyrics. There's a bit in Xizi She Knows which catches me every, single, damn, time.

Currently reading: Jeff Noon - "Pollen" (UK) (US)

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