Sunday, 19 April 2015

Shh... Write!

"Shh... Write!"

Thus speaks a voice the narrator of The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward does not recognise, in a room that he knows only one person resides within.

And so, I too write.

Working on the rest of the series of articles on using the Model-Store pattern in Inversion (link to part 1 here). It's taking some time to research and accurately voice the piece on Stores, hence the delay in posting. However, the second piece has now been split into a third as I really was trying to put across far too much in one go. Separating out some of the opinion has really helped.

I had an interesting week, pivoting around going to the AWS Summit at London ExCel on Wednesday. Pretty sure I spread the love of my Anker USB battery quite well that day too. I've got one of the 15,000 mAh versions and am totally happy with it. I use it as a base charger for my phones and it comes away on weekend trips and heavy-use days. Amazon currently sell the 16,000 mAh version which seems to come with a few extra features. Pretty good price too:

Currently reading:

Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
- A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement
Eric Redmond and Jim R. Wilson

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