Thursday, 30 July 2015

Books, mostly


My last set of posts about Using the Model-Store pattern in Inversion took a large heap of my blogging-concentration, but as they've been going since March it's good that they are finally out of the way.

Work's going well and I'm getting my teeth stuck into producing a cloud-based platform for digital library services for digitised collections, services like deep-zoom image serving, discovery, managing metadata and work with the emerging IIIF standard for viewers. Work days, I'm at Wellcome, which is a bit like being on a spaceship, although the food is probably better than NASA serve.

I'm cycling to work which is moderately terrifying. Drivers are terrifying. Cyclists are terrifying. Especially cyclists, frankly, considering some of the whacked-out shit I've seen them do in just a few weeks of riding.

At the moment I'm studying for the Microsoft Programming in C# Exam (70-483) which is on Monday afternoon. It helps out Digirati and definitely doesn't hurt me to go for the certification. However, the study has kinda precluded me making much progress with the stuff I'm reading.

Oh, I bought a Microsoft Band the other day, partly because geek and partly to mitigate an RSI I'm getting in my right index finger. Reaching for my phone in jeans pockets every 30 seconds is really causing a problem, it seems, so the Band picks up the notifications for me. The cycle / run tracking is really good too, although I was tipped over into buying one when I learned that they'd opened up the SDK to allow arbitrary RSS feeds to be added to the tiles.

Go get one! They're really cool.

Currently reading:

Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy part 1)
Robin Hobb

Building Microservices
Sam Newmann

(Well, I lie - I just finished it the other day - really bloody good, though.)

And my exam book:
Programming in C# Exam Ref 70-483
Wouter de Kort

Which has got a whole bunch of text inconsistencies (calling things modules, for example), some really bad practice (if you generally mark your classes as sealed then you, whomever you are, are a sociopath), and some answers missing. So that's nice.

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