Thursday, 24 May 2012

Projects, Mono, old habits...

I checked out Mono on Ubuntu yesterday and I'm massively impressed so far. It picked up an old .net application that I wrote to publish RSS articles for the Dirty Fire Project website and it worked flawlessly. I think it will be perfect for the side project that I'm working on with an old friend. More on that some other time...

And on suggestion from a new acquaintance, I spent a while getting back in touch with my bass... I hate being rusty and just playing again is so good. More!

Work is interesting. The new tracking cookie legislation in the UK is hitting us hard but it looks like we have a working management solution now. Testing tomorrow, so fingers crossed. I believe we aren't under pressure to release anything until next week so we can test it all tomorrow as required, get it signed off without a rush and then prep the second deployment head in relative calm. Let's hope it works! And, you know, doesn't destroy our billing system, campaign traffic partners, database... o.O

And it's too hot to sleep.

EDIT: Blogger for Android is literally the worst fucking user experience ever. I've been trying to get the Dirty Fire Project website link right now for 30 minutes. Even when I went to the website desktop version from my phone to fix it, the cursor doesn't work properly. The Android app can't even get the right time and date for posts so they appear completely out of order. What a barrel of shite.