Wednesday, 17 January 2018

2 - 1/f - immune

progressive hard rock?

Bandcamp link


Once upon a stumbling around Bandcamp, I found immune linked from somewhere, referenced as an interesting, Tool-esque, British band to explore. Was not disappointed!

I don’t really know that much about them aside from that they went through a name change at some point - they are now known as Master & The Mule - but they have a talent for melodic, dark, progressive rock. It’s quite thoughtful, introspective, and only shouty when it really needs to be.


  • Monkey
  • Selling Screen
  • Consume

1 - Brave enough - Lindsey Stirling

primarily instrumental violin

YouTube channel

Brave Enough

Note: This is first in my album list due to a naming quirk (the ID3 tags all have “Brave Enough” surrounded by quote marks).

I’ve followed Lindsey Stirling’s career for a few albums now, and hearing that she had a new one out last year was an automatic decision to buy and add to the collection. There are a few more vocal collaborations this time, but still the same rich, unpretentious melody lines and beats. Her music, like her, is perky, fun and can catch you emotionally with a set of heartfelt and brilliant tunes. And when she’s got an idea in her head she really lands it simply because she’s insanely good at expression.

The album is a tribute and celebration of a friend of hers who, tragically, died young, and the songs are weaved around memories of good and sad times, aspirations and regrets. The emotional tug of the songs is strong and conveys a great deal, though I think I preferred the big, instrumental tunes on her previous album “Shatter Me”.

Overall it’s bittersweet and that’s a wonderful thing. If you don’t know her work then please check it out. She’s a delight and a wonderful talent who may surprise you. Further, the relationship she has with her fans at live shows and via social media is infectious and commendable.


  • Brave Enough ft. Christina Perri
  • Something Wild ft. Andrew McMahon
  • Gavi’s Song

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

0 - Intro

And then I decided that I wanted to review every album that I have on my phone, in alphabetical order, as they play. “Good excuse to write!” says the aspirational bit of my brain which really does need a good kicking every so often. God help us all; here we go.

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