Monday, 8 September 2014

Anywhere but here

Every day on this project is the same. I want to work on a feature, but the complete hash a few archaeological layers of developers have made to a Microsoft MVC website bite you, and if they don't get you then the disastrous Entity Framework repository implementation will probably take you down, and if that doesn't, then it might be the home-spun data attributes / view-model objects / AutoMapper combination that finally shits in your eye. Or the weird cache. Don't forget the weird cache.

But every time I do work with Conclave, a weight is lifted from me.

Lacing an ailing, legacy application with another technology isn't a choice to make lightly; At worst, you've just added another degree of dependency, complexity and a migraine for the next developer to pick up the mess. At best, you can distil what the application is doing and capture that in a way that will make it easier to re-write the whole thing from scratch, with, in this case, new Conclave models, stores and behaviours.

Christ, I can't wait. I'm so tired of wading through the muck.

Reading: "Glow" by Ned Beauman

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