Friday, 12 September 2014

Manchester Dogs Home

I got upset this morning. I read back through Twitter and realised that there was a news story about an arson attack last night on Manchester Dogs Home. The place was ablaze, at least 53 dogs had died and there were 150 to evacuate. It felt like a punch in the gut that someone could do that. Then I read further and heard about the huge amount of people who had poured into the surrounding area, bringing food and blankets for the dogs, some risking their lives by going into burning low sheds to try and rescue any more of them. Then I read that there was a donation drive going on via JustGiving, having been set up by Manchester Evening News.

They were trying to raise £5000 to help and had a simple description of their wishes to help on the page as it had been set up in a hurry. I clicked a few times and donated 20 quid. Then I went and looked for a link to the page to share on Twitter and noticed the total amount pledged by people as of 9AM this morning. £280,000... and rising. Completely shell-shocking and very emotional... there were actual blubs.

And now... Jesus. Well. As of ten minutes ago, they just hit £730,000 and have raised the target to a million pounds and I have every confidence that they will hit that easily. People can be so good.

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