Tuesday, 2 February 2010

HAR 2009 ... at last [originally posted 02 Feb 2010]

I had a rather excellent time at HAR 2009 . Here's a few pictures

CCC animated logo ASCII Art tent internals
HAR 2009 poster

Managed to go to a whole bunch of lectures and did a big swedge of volunteer work at the Info Desk and during clean up.

Our camp Café Bar area Bar internals

If I ever go again to this event, remind me to learn a little bit of Dutch. Because, frankly, a lot of people I was working alongside really looked down on me and were fucking obnoxious to the point of physically ignoring me. Thanks, guys. Some of you are twats and I hope your packets ARE ALWAYS LATE. Some people were great, thankfully.

The InfoDesk The "Monty Hall"

I'd travelled there and back by myself, which, apart from meeting my family in Amsterdam one time, marked the first time that I'd travelled in Europe by myself. Quite fun.  More on travel later on in the blog as there's news... oh, there's news... heh :)


ps.  Managed to lose "Cities In Flight" on the flight to Dutchland.  Damn it.

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