Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Antaris RazorEngine and Mono-3.2.3

After some machinations, I managed to get Antaris RazorEngine working with Mono-3.2.3.

After making and installing mono from a tarball (, I took the latest version of RazorEngine down from github (, compiled using mono's xbuild tool, and then took the version of RazorEngine.dll and System.Web.Razor.dll from the RazorEngine.Core folder and used that within my applications. I removed all instances of System.Web.Helpers, System.Web.Mvc, System.Web.WebPages, WebMatrix, etc as those would have conflicted references.

And RazorEngine is now really horribly strict :( It throws compile exceptions on warnings which is wholly irritating. I'll have to revisit and police every single template and make sure they are compatible.

I also noticed that the new version of xsp4 required me to be in the root folder of the website even though I was setting the root on the command line.

Anyway, glad to see it working again, even if it will be a chore to get it fully compatible. I guess it is balanced out by now being on .Net 4.5 compatible mono.

Update: I've made an adjustment to the RazorEngine code which stops it treating warnings as errors during template compilation.

Modify RazorEngine.Core/Compilation/DirectCompilerServiceBase.cs, Compile method thusly:

            var @params = new CompilerParameters
                GenerateInMemory = true,
                GenerateExecutable = false,
                IncludeDebugInformation = false,
                CompilerOptions = "/target:library /optimize",
                TreatWarningsAsErrors = false,
                WarningLevel = 0

Although the default for TreatWarningsAsErrors is false in Mono, I think the default for WarningLevel is -1, which doesn't really mean anything. So this might actually be a Mono porting issue.

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